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Commission Lays Foundation for Sustainable and Competitive Hydrogen Market

On December 15, 2021 the European Commission presented the revision of the Third EU Gas Market Package. The package contains legislative proposals for the Gas Market Directive and the Regulation…

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INES Cooperates with Renewable Energy Federation on Electricity Market Design

INES collaborated on a study on the electricity market design for the energy transition that was presented by the German Renewable Energy Federation BEE today. The study intensified a cooperation…

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Koalitionsvertrag: Sinnvolle Umsetzung kann Speicherwende einleiten

SPD, Grüne und FPD haben sich heute auf einen Koalitionsvortrag geeinigt. Darin werden für die Gas- bzw. Wasserstoffspeicherwirtschaft wichtige Themen aufgegriffen.

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Gas Storage: Start for Chameleon of the Energy Transition

INES, the Association of Gas and Hydrogen Storage System Operators, has got a new name. To live up to the relevance of gas and hydrogen storage for the energy transition,…

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EU to boost Gas Storage Deployment for Security of Supply

On Thursday, the 21st October 2021, EU Heads of State and Government will discuss current energy prices and possible reactions at the European Council in Brussels. With regard to the…

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Market-Based Instruments vital beyond Gas Market Integration

Germany’s single integrated gas market area Trading Hub Europe starts today, October 1, 2021. For the first time, the integration of the market areas of GASPOOL and NetConnect Germany brings…

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