Gas Storage - Bridging Energy Transition
and Energy Security

Gas storage contributes to a large extent to the success of the energy transition in Germany and Europe. Gas storage guarantees a secure gas supply, functions as a cornerstone of an affordable energy system, and provides a storage solution for renewable energy in the future. INES is the association of gas storage system operators in Germany. INES’ members represent over 90 per cent of German gas storage capacities and account for more than 20 per cent of gas storage capacities in the European Union.

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Gas Storage Act puts System Operators in front of enormous Challenges

Berlin, 25 March 2022

The German Parliament (Bundestag) today debated the so-called Gas Storage Act and passed regulatory changes to the Energy Economy Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz, EnWG) connected therewith. The Gas Storage System Operators are now facing large financial, legal, and operative risks and accept…

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New draft creates further uncertainty in the gas market

Berlin, March 17th, 2022

Today, a new draft bill by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the Gas Storage Act became known. The further development of the planned interventions in the gas storage market have not contributed to any…

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Changes to Gas Storage Act Save Planned Supply Provisions for Upcoming Winter

Berlin, 5th March 2022

A recent government draft for an Introduction of Gas Storage Level Targets Act fails in its current form to ensure the goal of a more secure gas supply in gas storage for the upcoming winter. However, further development of the…

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Government Draft Calls Goal for Storage Levels into Question

Today a legal draft by the German government was leaked that contains substantial interventions in German gas storage markets. The German gas storage association INES believes that the government plans put the functioning of gas storage markets and especially the…

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German Federal Network Agency aligns gas network development planning with the future


On January 20, 2022, the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) confirmed with amendments the scenario framework for the Gas Network Development Plan 2022 – 2032 submitted by gas transmission system operators.

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Policies and Objectives

Storage for Europe's
Energy Future

Gas storage plays a decisive role in a carbon-neutral energy supply. The Power-to-Gas technology allows electricity from renewable sources to be converted into green gases and then be stored in gas storage facilities for longer periods of time. Thus, gas storage provides a means for renewable energies to be available at all times - on short notice and as flexibly as necessary.

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Security of Supply:
Today and Tomorrow

Gas storage is a cornerstone of the energy infrastructure in Europe. When demand peaks on cold winter days, up to 60 per cent of Germany's gas supply is provided by gas storage facilities. Looking at future storage needs for renewable energies, however, gas storage will also be a necessary pillar of a secure energy system in the future.

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Affordable Energy for Germany and Europe

Gas storage meets gas demands flexibly and locally. It thereby reduces the necessity to invest excessively in new transport infrastructure in the gas as well as the electricity sector. Hence, gas storage reduces the costs of the energy system and plays a vital role in securing an affordable energy transition throughout the future.

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